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Our History

The Lulini's history, who had been pastry chefs for generations, dates back to the first decades of last century when they used to make homemade ice-scream and sell it in the traditional pedalcarts in the Mantua province.
After working for many years with Alemagna and Pasticceria Salza in Pisa, the ambition to become a reference point for the Milanese and Italian confectionery industry came true when they opened the confectioner’s shop called Pasticceria Piave.
Today the Italian Pastry Project produces high quality pastry made with first-quality ingredients, and follows the historical family tradition. Our idea of chocolate has created a new brand named Ego Chocolat Milan.

Chocolate Heart

Our Philosophy

Ego Chocolat Milan is a new interpretation of chocolate: a world of small, intense pleasures where creativity and taste combine to create real taste collections.
A cocktail of aesthetics, affectation and quality of the ingredients that turn a sweet parenthesis into a playful feast of great impact.
When we talk about chocolate, even our senses get emotional.
It is this interpretation that has made us create a new image for the world of small, intense pleasures.
A dream where creativity and flavors combine to give rise to real "taste collections".